Political Action and Member Education Committee

As outlined in the NASA bylaws, the role of the Political Action & Member Education Committee (PAC) is to:

a) promote the education of members of the Association;
b) recommend to the Executive Board priorities regarding political action and education relating to political matters affecting members;
c) encourage and promote the social action and political participation of members in order to further the interests of the Association;
d) act on behalf of members in matters of concern to them relating to the political process;
e) establish, with the approval of the Executive Board, ad hoc committees for specific campaigns; and
f) recommend policies and procedures to the Executive Board with respect to member education.

2024-2026 Political Action & Member Education Committee Members

Committee Chair: Lisa Budney pac@nasaunion.ca
Zainish Hashmi
Kirk McKenzie
Carrie Millar
Mirela Tomuta
Tamara Storm

There is currently one vacancy on this committee.  If you are interested in volunteering with the committee, please contact the NASA Office by email at nasa@nasaunion.ca or by phone at 780-439-3181 or 1-877-439-3111.