Political Action and Member Education Committee

As outlined in the NASA bylaws, the role of the Political Action & Member Education Committee (PAC) is to:

a) promote the education of members of the Association;
b) recommend to the Executive Board priorities regarding political action and education relating to political matters affecting members;
c) encourage and promote the social action and political participation of members in order to further the interests of the Association;
d) act on behalf of members in matters of concern to them relating to the political process;
e) establish, with the approval of the Executive Board, ad hoc committees for specific campaigns; and
f) recommend policies and procedures to the Executive Board with respect to member education.

2022-2024 Political Action & Member Education Committee Members

Committee Chair: Farshad Labbaf | pac@nasaunion.ca
Lisa Budney
Kirk McKenzie
Carrie Millar
Mirela Tomuta
Tristan Turner
Patrick von Hauff

There are currently no vacancies on this committee.