Frequently Asked Questions

I pay union dues, so doesn’t that make me a member of NASA?

Since all support staff at the University of Alberta benefit from the terms and protections of the collective agreement and receive equal representation from NASA, provincial labour law requires all support staff to pay tax-deductible dues in order to cover the costs of operating the union. However, membership is voluntary, so only those who choose to join are considered members. Becoming a NASA member is free and all that is required is to complete an application for membership on the become a member page and submit it to NASA.

Why should I become a member?

Becoming a member gives you a voice in how NASA operates. Among the benefits of being a member are the ability to attend all NASA membership meetings, vote for Executive Officers, participate on Union committees, and vote on ratifying the Collective Agreement. In addition, NASA communicates regularly with all active members regarding a variety of issues.

What happens to the dues that are collected by the Union?

Your dues are used to finance the operation of NASA. NASA’s Executive takes a proposed budget to the Annual General Meeting each year for membership approval. First and foremost, dues are used to ensure that the members are provided with union representation. NASA hires Labour Relations Officers (LROs) to give assistance to members in any issue arising out of their employment. In addition, NASA has a complement of support staff to assist the LROs and the Executive in meeting their obligations to the members. Dues also pay for bargaining, membership meetings, office rent, advocacy campaigns, member education, the NASA Breakfast, Seasonal Celebration, etc. The ultimate goal is to provide service to you, the members.

How do I get involved in NASA?

There are a number of areas where active members can get involved with NASA. You can become a union steward, you can serve on committees - whenever there are committee opportunities NASA issues a call to the membership and posts on our volunteer opportunities page. NASA also appoints members to sit on certain University committees – e.g., Board of Governors, Senate, GFC, etc. In addition, many members volunteer to help out with the annual NASA Breakfast. In short, opportunities for involvement are many and varied.

I used to be an “active” member of NASA but left employment with the University of Alberta. I am back now; do I still need to sign up as a member again?

Yes, you do. Leaving employment with the University of Alberta effectively ends your membership with NASA. If you become re-employed, you need to reapply for “active” membership.

Who do I contact if I need help from NASA?

You can call the NASA general line at (780) 439-3181 and your call will be directed to the person who can best assist you. If you receive a voice mail prompt, it will provide you with the names and extensions of the staff working in the office. You can also send an email to as well as visit the contact us page.